Messaging Plugins for webOS, status as of May 7

The fact that Greg Roll left the webOS scene left everyone with the doubt of what would happen with the messaging plugins he had developed for the webOS platform (1.x and 2.x). For those that don’t know, the Messaging Plugins are a set of libraries that interfaces several messaging protocols to webOS. They’re based on libpurple, the library used by the Pidgin instant messaging program.

Since no one else dared to take on the challenge, and I had helped Greg in the past with bug reports and beta tests, I downloaded his source tree and began to work.

The main problem has been to create a working and friendly compiling environment. At first, I used Greg’s own instructions to build the plugins and, although it worked, the compiling method was completely incompatible with Preware and Rod Whitby’s way of doing things. “If I can compile it in WIDK, it can go into Preware”, he said. And so, the work began to install WIDK and compile the libraries.

Unfortunately, I’m in a situation similar as Greg, in which my job sometimes consumes my time and I can’t work on this, and add an issue that makes most SSL connections to crash, and it’s not funny.

Right now I’m rebuilding the WIDK from scratch, on Ubuntu 11.04, reusing some of Palm’s own libraries. Once it finishes, I’ll get my updated, bugfixed sources and compile them, and try once more. I’m using the exact same compiler toolchain as Greg (which by the way, is not mentioned in the WIDK wiki so I don’t know what kind of problems I will run into).

I hope this turns out fine since I have several bugfixes and additions pending:

* Fixed and updated facebookchat
* Updated sipe to the latest version
* Fixed sametime’s client hiding preference
* Fixed SSL issues with MSN and AOL
* Added msn-pecan as an alternate protocol for MSN

This code is already done, but it crashes because other library. Once I fix that, I’ll be able to roll updates faster.


About nuttybunny

Long time Palm fan, the first time I saw the Pre on a video I loved it. Waited patiently until one carrier brought it to Mexico and I've been a webOS user since then, december 2010. As a php/html programmer I felt at home, although I've only developed and published one app. Right now my webOS work is focused on the Messaging Plugins, originally developed by Greg Roll, and making webOS 2.1 available for Pixis.
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9 Responses to Messaging Plugins for webOS, status as of May 7

  1. TreoRock says:

    You guys have done an amazing work with the plugings and I can’t wait to see what you got for us!

  2. Patrick says:

    Great! Keep it up!

  3. Cool!! can’t wait!

  4. SotaTT says:

    is it possible to add jabber multi-user chat support? libpurple supports a muc, perhaps, to add his support is not so difficult?

    • nuttybunny says:

      The problem with muc is that Palm doesn’t support it in the transport library or in the messaging app. Until they support that, it will be hard to implement

  5. capt4chris says:

    Thank you for using your free time to work on this!

  6. Shaka says:

    Saludos camarada NuttyBunny, soy sshaka (PoderPDA)!!! Sólo paso a saludar a éste tu wordpress!!! Excelente aplicación, complementa a la perfección la app de Mensajería del Pre en webOS 2.1.0!!!

  7. Muchas Gracias por éste esfuerzo!
    Ahora entiendo que no es tan fácil poner a trabajar esos plugins sin que hayan complicaciones. Yo estaba interesado en usar el plugin para acceder al chat de Facebook y no lo logré. Utilicé entonces el método sobre Jabber y ahora funciona bien, aunque con las mismas limitaciones que todo mundo menciona: la duplicación de contactos y la demora para que aparezcan los nombres de usuario en vez de… A la espera de actualizaciones y mejoras, de verdad muchas gracias!!

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