Nokia BH-305 Bluetooth Headphones

I got these headphones from

I just got the chance to check out the Nokia BH-503 bluetooth headphones with my Palm Pre 2, and I just want to say one thing: I don’t know why I hadn’t bought some A2DP headphones before, the idea of having wireless, full quality stereo audio is great, and it performs nicely with this set.

Pairing with my webOS device was extremely easy: Enter the Bluetooth Application, tap “+Add Device”, and it will search for it (by default it searches for audio devices). Tap the Nokia BH-503 headset, and that’s all. It will connect and configure the audio settings as needed.

The headset supports two profiles: HSP and A2DP, the former being the older one, supporting monoaural audio, which is often used with one ear bluetooth headsets, and the latter being the newest one, using high quality stereo audio, using most of the bandwidth available on the bluetooth connection.

The build quality could be a little better. While most Nokia products feel durable, this has a rubber cover in the head band, which makes it feel kind of cheap, but it’s quite comfortable on the ears, although a bit on the heavy side. Don’t get me wrong, they feel great in your hands, but once you have them on your head, being supported by just your ears, you’ll feel them, and maybe you’ll even get tired of having them all day (I haven’t yet, and hope I won’t).

On the functionality side, it’s built for right handed people, with a set of 6 buttons on the right speaker. The buttons are as follows:

* Multipurpose button: Turn the headphones on, off, put them in pairing mode, make and answer calls.
* Play/Pause button: Controls your device’s music program, playing or pausing the media playing.
* Back Button: Controls your device’s music program, returning to the beginning of the current song, or going back one track.
* Forward Button: Controls your device’s music program, advancing to the next track.
* Volume Up/Down buttons: Controls the headphones volume. It doesn’t control your device’s volume, which I found odd.

There are a couple of tiny holes as well, on the same speaker:

* Charger connector: It fits the tiny Nokia plug connector (not the MicroUSB one)
* Microphone: Works with the headset part of the headphones.

As for the sound, they sound great, the music is clear, and I hear every frequency I can distinguish quite good, but there’s a bit of clipping at full volume, so I just don’t turn the volume all the way up. The speaker pads cover my ears quite nicely, isolating outside sound, and even if they’re not noise cancelling they do their work.

As for the battery, I charged them for about 15 minutes the first time (I didn’t knew how much charge they had at the moment), and they lasted almost 9 hours of continous play. I charged them again to the top, I’ve been using them from time to time this week and they still have juice.

This is a video I made when I opened them.


Build Quality: 8/10
Could have been better, but does the job

Ease of Use: 9/10
MultiPoint for the Headset portion would have been nice. Overall it’s as easy as turning it on and pairing.

Sound Quality: 8/10
It clips when at loud volumes. Otherwise they sound pretty good has tons of nice products, not only these headphones, you should check the page, they even have free shipping on everything!! 😀


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