FreeCam for TouchPad

Well, after much thought and trying to make it work, I’m releasing a free camera application for your HP TouchPad.  It’s called “FreeCam for TouchPad”, not NuttyCam as it was originally intended.  It seems like I can’t save video from the TouchPad camera, so I’m putting this up since it has been working for several weeks now.

I’m going for the free path because I don’t want to spend much time on it, the TouchPad camera is not that good and it isn’t as configurable as I hoped it to be.

The instructions are simple, just run the app, look at the camera and press the camera button.  It will tell you the name of the file just saved.  It will also create a new album in your photo application called “freecam”.

*New in version 1.0.2, soon to be reviewed: You can remove the handwriten hints, look in the preferences menu*

Thanks for visiting me.  You can ask your support questions here if you like.


About nuttybunny

Long time Palm fan, the first time I saw the Pre on a video I loved it. Waited patiently until one carrier brought it to Mexico and I've been a webOS user since then, december 2010. As a php/html programmer I felt at home, although I've only developed and published one app. Right now my webOS work is focused on the Messaging Plugins, originally developed by Greg Roll, and making webOS 2.1 available for Pixis.
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12 Responses to FreeCam for TouchPad

  1. Mike Colburn says:

    This doesn’t seem to be working for me. The app opens fine and I can press the shutter button but it doesn’t seem to take the exposure. The folder isn’t created and can’t seem to find the pics anywhere in my photos. Any ideas?

  2. Paul Schneider says:

    app doesn’t work. I can press the camera icon repeatedly and nothing happens. I tried deleting and reinstalling app with same results. Any suggestions?

  3. nuttybunny says:

    Thanks. I’ll add that to the app description on the catalog 🙂

  4. nuttybunny says:

    I only receive device model, resolution, and webOS version. The data collection can be disabled in the preferences menu.

  5. Ferdinand Perlas says:

    I tried to look for it in the HP App Catalog and couldn’t find it. Is it available for download in the Philippines? Thanks in advance.

  6. dan says:

    ne fonctionne plus avec la mise a jour webOS 3.04 du 18/10/2011 😥

  7. D Schlegal says:

    What is the actual data that this program collects (Metrix) ? Some of us would like to know. Users might be unaware of this privacy issue if not selecting to turn off data collection under the options.

    • nuttybunny says:

      A device identifier, model, webOS version, app version, device language and carrier. It’s not really that much info, it’s just for statistical purposes. And lets us know that perhaps a 3.0.5 version is in the works since it appears in the logs 🙂

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