PhotoFun for TouchPad!

The long awaited PhotoFun app for TouchPad has been released on the TouchPad app catalog 🙂

The usage is quite simple. Select a photo from your albums, or take a picture using the TouchPad front camera, select a frame, rotate, zoom and move the photo, then add some items to it.

In the end, press the save button to record your picture to posterity, it’ll appear under the photofun gallery on your photos application (it’s the directory called “photofun” on your device’s USB drive as well.
Use this blog post for support!!

You can also email me to the address found in the help screen in the application 🙂


About nuttybunny

Long time Palm fan, the first time I saw the Pre on a video I loved it. Waited patiently until one carrier brought it to Mexico and I've been a webOS user since then, december 2010. As a php/html programmer I felt at home, although I've only developed and published one app. Right now my webOS work is focused on the Messaging Plugins, originally developed by Greg Roll, and making webOS 2.1 available for Pixis.
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2 Responses to PhotoFun for TouchPad!

  1. Aaron smith says:

    for some reason it won’t take pic with camera on pad

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